Booking a home with us is easy.  Simply pick the house that best meets your needs if you need any assistance our guest services manager Nick House will be more than happy to assist you along the way.

Once you’ve selected your retreat house click the “Book Now” button to be directed to the booking information page.  Make sure you include your complete first & last name, mailing address which we use for sending the keys in advance, along with map for locating the property, and checkout instructions.

Once your reservation has been received we will email you your rental agreement. Please fill it out, sign it and include a scan of your drivers license, ID, or passport or feel free to drop it by our office in Downtown Culver City.

Payments are processed through PayPal (3% Fee Applies) or by personal check which is fee free.  If you’re booking last minute, our caretaker Michele will meet you on the property to receive payment in exchange for the keys.

If you need assistance or clarification of the booking process please feel free to call us and we can book your vacation home over the phone. Dial (310) 558-5544 press 2 at the prompt.


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